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Keywords: Epi-Clenz Foams 2 The CDC guidelines state that, “Alcohol-based products are more effective for standard washing or hand antisepsis by healthcare workers than soap or antimicrobial soaps.” Epi-clenz® Instant Hand Sanitizer Epi-clenz Instant Hand Sanitizers contain 70% (v/v) ethyl alcohol to disinfect hands of most common disease-causing germs.They also contains aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize and soothe the skin.The Breesia formula is a desirable option if a mild pleasant fragrance is preferable. Item No. Description Pkg Epi-clenz Gel MSC097030 4 oz 24/cs MSC097030H 4 oz each MSC097031 4 oz, Breesia 24/cs MSC097031H 4 oz, Breesia each MSC097032 16 oz w/Pump 12/cs MSC097033 16 oz w/Pump, Breesia 12/cs MSC097034N 1.5 oz w/Flip Top Cap 48/cs Epi-clenz® Plus Instant Hand Sanitizer Epi-clenz Plus has added moisturizers that result in an appearance and consistency that is more like a lotion than a traditional gel sanitizer. And, with an active ingredient of 62% (v/v) ethyl alcohol, it kills most common germs. Epi-clenz Plus provides essential natural lipids (jojoba oil, dimethicone, fatty acids and cholesterol) that help maintain the skin’s natural barrier. The jojoba oil and dimethicone are emollients that work together to help prevent the skin from losing moisture while keeping skin feeling soft and smooth. Item No. Description Pkg Epi-clenz Plus Lotion (fragrance free) MSC097024 4 oz 48/cs MSC097025 1.5 ml w/ Flip Top Cap 48/cs MSC097026 16 oz w/Pump 24/cs MSC097028 800 ml bag for wall mounted dispenser 12/cs Epi-clenz Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer Epi-clenz foam provides the same germ killing and skin conditioning you expect from all Epi-clenz products. Designed to be “drip-free”, these products are dispensed in a convenient and easy-to-use package. Item No. Description Pkg Epi-clenz Foam (fragrance free) MSC097040 8 oz 24/cs MSC097041 1.5 oz w/Belt Clip 48/cs MSC097042 16 oz 12/cs Epi-clenz Accessories Item No. Description Pkg MSC097034CL Retractable Clip for 1.5 oz Gel and Lotion 25/cs MSC097034L Lanyard for 1.5 oz Gel and Lotion 25/cs MSC097036 Wall Bracket for 16 oz Bottle 12/cs MSC097045 Wall Holder for 8 oz Foam 24/cs MSC097046 Wall Holder with Drip Tray for 16 oz Foam 12/cs MSC9950 Wall dispensers for 800 ml bag-White 6/cs MSC9951 Wall dispensers for 800 ml bag-Black 6/cs MSC097040 & MSC097045, MSC097041, MSC097032 & MSC097046 MSC097026, MSC097024, MSC097025 Epi-Clenz Plus Lotions Epi-Clenz Gels MSC097032, MSC097030 MSC097034N & MSC097034L INSTANT HAND SANITIZERS 3 Medline Protection Plus® Instant Hand Sanitizer Medline Protection Plus Instant Hand Sanitizer is 62% (v/v) ethyl alcohol and it is an excellent-germ fighting solution. The 800ml bag product fits into our Medline dispenser and can easily be hung in hallways and patient rooms. The large 2000ml size is great for higher traffic areas such as lobbies and waiting rooms. Item # Description Pkg MSC098600 Protection Plus Hand Sanitizer, 800ml 12/cs MSC9950 Dispenser for 800/1000ml bags-white 6/cs MSC9951 Dispenser for 800/1000ml bags-black 6/cs MEDAUTO Automatic dispenser for 800/1000ml bags 6/cs MEDAUTOH Automatic dispenser for 800/1000ml bags each KUT6667 Instant Hand Sanitizer, 2000ml 4/cs KUTDURA Wall bracket for Duraview 2000ml size each MSC9950 HandClens® Alcohol-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer For the facility that needs an instant sanitizer that is alcohol-free (psych wards, prisons and schools), and in response to the National Fire Protection association (NFPA) concern over alcohol being a fire hazard, Medline is offering an alcoholfree, non flammable foam instant hand sanitizer. Instead of alcohol, Benzalkonium Chloride is the active ingredient. Also available is a hypo-allergenic version that is scent and fragrance free. Both surpass the minimum guidelines for an antiseptic hand sanitizer set by the FDA. Item # Description Pkg WDW12017 HandClens, 1.7oz 24/cs WDW12018 HandClens, 8oz 24/cs WDW12023 HandClens, scented, 1800ml 6/cs WDW12043 HandClens, hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, 1800ml 6/cs WDW40005 HandClens, wall bracket for 1800ml size each WDW12023 MSC098600 Foam Sanitizers The top loading foam dispenser offers a great look for any facility. It provides twice the number of applications of product and eliminates the possibility of dripping. Medline offers a foaming 62% (v/v) alcohol instant sanitizer, and also a low alcohol, non-flammable version that fits the same dispenser. The non-flammable active ingredient is Benzethonium Chloride. Item # Description Pkg MSC68841 Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 1000ml bag 6/cs MSC68841T Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 1000ml bag, Starter kit* each MSC68817 Alcohol Hand sanitizer, 1.7ml 24/cs KUT68241MED Hand Sanitizer, Non-Flammable, 1000ml bag 6/cs KUT682MEDPK Hand Sanitizer, Non- Flammable, 1000ml bag, each Starter Kit* *Starter Kit contains: 1(one) gray dispenser (MSC9941GRA) and 1 (one) bag of selected product. Sterillium® Comfort Gel™ Efficacy. Comfort. Compliance. Sterillium Comfort Gel is a scientifically proven, easy-to-use gel. It far exceeds all FDA test and key use criteria. • Kills a broad range of nosocomial pathogens within 15 sec., without water by harnessing the killing power of 85% ethyl alcohol w/w* • Non-irritating* • Moisturizing* • Cost effective: 2.4 mL / application* • CHG, latex and non-latex glove compatible* *Data on file Item # Description Pkg Sterillium Comfort Gel MSC097062 1000 mL for LX10 Dispensing System 8/cs MSC097063 475 mL Tabletop Pump Bottle 20/cs MSC097064 100 mL Flip Top Personal Bottle 45/cs Accessories MSC097063BK MSC097063 Wall / Tabletop Bracket 16/cs LXT10AUTO Touchless automatic dispenser for each 1000ml Bottles LX10PUSH Push button manual dispenser for each 1000ml Bottles STRLMDRIPTRAY Optional drip tray for LX10 dispensers 12/cs STRLMSTAND Portable table-top stand for each LX10 dispensers 4 INSTANT HAND SANITIZERS With phenomenal response from the healthcare community, and after partnering with Bode Chemie, Medline launched the Sterillium® brand of hand antisepsis products. Since 1924, our partner has made its primary objective combating pathogenic microorganisms. As a subsidiary of the global skin care giant Beiersdorf AG group, Bode Chemie was able to leverage the skin care technology of their Sterillium Comfort Gel significantly increases skin hydration after only one week of product usage compared to untreated skin* Sterillium Comfort Gel family of product STRLMSTAND SURGICAL RUB Tentative Final Monograph for HealthCare Antiseptic Drug Products (TFM) The FDA’s TFM minimum performance criteria for surgical hand antisepsis are a 1-log (90%) reduction after one minute on day one, a 2-log (99%) reduction after 1 minute on day two, and a 3-log (99.9%) reduction after one minute on day five. Moreover, the bacterial counts shall not exceed baseline within six hours on day one.
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