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Keywords: Diagnostics 2 Stethoscopes 3-7 Blood Pressure Monitors 8-9 Sphygmomanometers 10-12 Blood Pressure Cuffs 13-17 Compass Diabetes Program 18 Diabetes Diagnostic Testing 19 Lancets 20 PT Testing System 21 Thermometers 22-24 Miscellaneous Diagnostics 25 Accessories 26-27 Medline Diagnostics Medline is proud to present our latest line of diagnostics. We have built a reputation on providing diagnostics that are highly reliable, extremely accurate, and built to last. If you have questions about any of the products in this brochure, contact your Medline representative or call us at: 1-800-MEDLINE. Index Medline’s Insignia® Stainless Steel Stethoscopes offer unsurpassed quality and value • Each Insignia Stethoscope is handcrafted from high tensile strength German stainless steel. Features 22" tubing. • The color coordinated non-chill rings provide excellent patient comfort. • All models come in a foam-lined box with one extra set of ear tips. • Available in adult, pediatric, neonatal, and cardiology styles. • Cardiology Stethoscope has a deep, cone-shaped bell — a unique feature which provides excellent sound transmission and acoustic sensitivity. Features 17" tubing. Item # Description Pkg. Adult MDS9225 Gray ea MDS9226 Black ea MDS9227 Blue ea MDS9228 Burgundy ea Pediatric MDS9220 Gray ea Neonatal MDS9215 Gray ea MDS9216 Pink ea Cardiology MDS9250 Black ea Our Bowles Stethoscope features thick-walled 22" tubing, a chrome-plated binaural and a chrome-plated, raised, metal-stem chest piece. Item # Description Color Pkg. MDS9515 Bowles Stethoscope Black ea The Pediatric and Neonatal Stethoscopes have all the features of the dual-head stethoscopes, but are sized to fit the needs of the individual practitioner and patient. • Both stethoscopes feature 22" tubing and lightweight design. • Thick-walled tubing minimizes background interference. • Aluminum binaurals. Item # Description Color Pkg. MDS9557 Pediatrics Gray ea MDS9565 Neonatal Gray ea MDS9215 MDS9515 MDS9565 MDS9225 MDS9250 MDS9220 MDS9557 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 3 Stethoscopes Stethoscopes 4 This Stethoscope has EXCELLENT Sound! The Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope incorporates versatility into an excellent sound-transmitting device. • Each stethoscope comes complete with a component kit that includes two sets of eartips, large and small diaphragm, adult bell, pediatric bell, and infant bell. • The dual 22" tubing design transmits even the faintest sounds. Item # Description Pkg. MDS926301 Black ea MDS926302 Gray ea MDS926303 Blue ea MDS926305 Lavender ea MDS926306 Red ea MDS926307 Hunter Green ea Our Best Value Stethoscopes! Quality and economy makes our single and dual-head stethoscopes excellent values. • Both stethoscopes feature 22" tubing and lightweight design. • Thick-walled tubing minimizes background interference. • Dual-heads feature a non-chill ring on the bell for increased patient comfort. Item # Description Pkg. Single-Head Stethoscopes MDS926101 Black ea MDS926102 Gray ea MDS926103 Blue ea MDS926105 Lavender ea MDS926106 Red ea MDS926107 Hunter Green ea MDS926108 Yellow ea Dual-Head Stethoscopes MDS926201 Black ea MDS926202 Gray ea MDS926203 Blue ea MDS926205 Lavender ea MDS926206 Red ea MDS926207 Hunter Green ea MDS926203 MDS926303 Stethoscopes 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 5 MDS9750 The Teaching/Training Stethoscope is designed for multi-function teaching applications. • The dual head design offers the necessary flexibility to use this scope in all clinical and educational conditions. • Comes complete with two binaurals, two pieces of Y-tubing, and an extension tube. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9750 Teaching/Training Stethoscope ea The Fetal Stethoscope is designed for superior sound sensitivity. • Chrome-plated inner spring binaural. • Vinyl coated headrest. • 22" tubing. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9775 Fetal Stethoscope ea MDS9775 Our Disposable Stethoscope features plastic binaural and a sensitive chest piece that provides excellent sound quality. • Designed for single patient use. • Helps reduce cross-contamination in infectious areas. • High visibility yellow. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9543 Disposable Stethoscope ea MDS9543 Stethoscopes 6 MDF® INSTRUMENTS USA • All MDF® Instruments are Latex-free • Free-Parts-For-Life Program On All MDF Stethoscopes • Handcrafted in the MDF® artisan tradition by master craftsmen since 1971 • MDF® stands behind its quality and performance with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty • Acoustic tubes are constructed of non-cracking, non-sticking, high-density, latex-free PVC • Stethoscope Accessories: Additional (2) ComfortSeal™ eartips, (1) UltraSensitive diaphragm and (1) ID tag MDF® 2-in-1 Deluxe Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope The advanced X-configuration acoustic tubing on the MDF® 767X eliminates all tube rubbing noises associated with the traditional Sprague-type stethoscopes and provides superior acoustic performance making it the most advanced Sprague Rappaport available today. The chestpiece enables users to switch between adult and pediatric-sided bowels/bells with ease and interchange both sides of the chestpiece with adult, pediatric and infant fittings (2 diaphragms and 3 bells). The 2-in-1 tubes in the X configuration converge at the middle of the tube and retain a dual lumen and dual input from the chestpiece. This innovation provides superior acoustic quality never available before on a Sprague Rappaport-type stethoscope. Item # Color Pkg. MIF767X04 Navy Blue ea MIF767X08 Purple ea MIF767X10 Royal Blue ea MIF767X17 Burgundy ea MIF767XBO BlackOut® (All Black) ea MIF767XBO - BlackOut MIF767X04 - Navy Blue 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 7 Stethoscopes MDF® Pulse Time™ Stethoscope The original, patented MDF® 740 Pulse Time Stethoscope, integrated with a digital timing device, enables medical professionals to maintain eye contact with patients during diagnosis while monitoring elapsed time. The MDF® 740 provides professionals with a more efficient and patient-friendly method of measuring vital signs. U.S.A. PAT. NO. 5252787 This innovative and patented Pulse Time stethoscope has a liquid-crystal analog (LCA) quartz timepiece equipped on top of the integrated bowels-type chestpiece. The advanced chestpiece is made of lightweight anodized aluminum and the diaphragm is fitted with the unique, raised, ultra-thin fiber diaphragm for greater amplification and transmission of heart and lung sounds. Item # Color Pkg. MIF74008 Purple ea MIF74010 Royal Blue ea MIF74011 Black ea MIF74017 Burgundy ea MIF740BO BlackOut (All Black) ea MIF740BO - BlackOut MIF74010 - Royal Blue MIF797DD04 - Navy Blue MDF® ER Premier™ Stethoscope A robust and versatile OR stethoscope customized for the ER. Superior acoustic quality that enables health care providers to deliver fast and efficient emergency care to pediatric and adult patients using a highperformance cardiology stethoscope. The dual head chestpiece is handcrafted from the finest stainless steel and includes a bell conversion. Item # Color Pkg. MIF797DD04 Navy Blue ea MIF797DD10 Royal Blue ea MIF797DD11 Black ea MIF797DD17 Burgundy ea MIF797DDBO BlackOut (All Black) ea MIF797DDBO - BlackOut 8 Digital Blood Pressure Monitors Average Mode Technology Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor This advanced blood pressure monitor uses a unique, patented Average Mode Technology to take three consecutive measurements then display a single, averaged result — a procedure practiced by many physicians for a more accurate result. • Real-time graphic display of blood pressure being measured, on-screen instructions. • 5 languages. • 30 memories for 2 separate users with date and time. • Average mode feature takes three consecutive measurements and averages them for more accurate results. Item # Description Pkg. MDS93AX14 Wrist Monitor ea New! Desktop Blood Pressure Monitor Features Average Mode Technology! These premium monitors detect the appearance of an irregular heartbeat during measurement and gives a warning signal with your reading. • Measurement includes patented Irregular Heartbeat Detector. • Monitor also automatically stores 99 readings with date and time. • Average mode feature takes three consecutive measurements and averages them for more accurate results. The MDS93AC1PC comes with easy-to-use blood pressure analyzer software with point and click help feature. Item # Description Pkg. MDS93AC1PC Premium Advanced Monitor. Includes blood pressure software, USB cable for PC download, 4-AA batteries, medium arm cuff and deluxe storage case. ea MDS93AC1 Premium Monitor Includes 4-AA batteries, medium arm cuff and deluxe storage case. ea New! MDS93AX14 MDS93AC1 MDS93AC1PC 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 9 Digital Blood Pressure Monitors MDS2002 MDS2003 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Unit Our revolutionary automatic digital blood pressure units have automatic inflation and error detection thanks to to the proprietary “fuzzy logic” programming. The easy one-button design provides accurate and reliable readings. • “Fuzzy logic” circuitry allows this unit to customize inflation levels for individual patients • Eight-bit processor provides unsurpassed accuracy • Auto pulse readings • Memory • Large digital readout • Operates on four-AA batteries Item # Description Pkg. MDS2001 Automatic Inflation w/Std Adult Cuff (fits arms 22-30cm) ea MDS2001LA Automatic Inflation w/Lrg Adult Cuff (fits arms 30-38cm) ea Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor • One-button operation • Automatically inflates and deflates • Digital readout of systolic and diastolic pressure • Digital readout of pulse • Memory with date and time • Operates on two AAA batteries Item # Description Pkg. MDS2003 Digital BP Wrist Monitor ea Accessories Item # Description Pkg. MDS9873 Large Adult Cuff (fits arms 30-38cm) ea MDS9872 Adult Cuff ea M-IADE01 AC Adapter for MDS2001/2002 ea MDS2001 Digital Blood Pressure Unit - Manual Inflate Manually inflated digital blood pressure units have the convenience of a large, digital readout. Also provides accurate and reliable readings. • Manual inflation • Auto pulse readings • Memory • Large digital readout • Operates on four-AA batteries Item # Description Pkg. MDS2002 Manual Inflation w/Std Adult Cuff (fits arms 22-30cm) ea MDS2002LA Manual Inflation w/Lrg Adult Cuff (fits arms 30-38cm) ea 10 Sphygmomanometers The Compli-Mate Aneroid Sphygmomanometers are designed for many years of reliable service. • Designer-colored cuffs offer a choice of vibrant colors. • Comes complete with oversized matching nylon carrying case which allows the user to carry additional items. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9104 Red ea MDS9106 Navy Blue ea MDS9107 Lavender ea MDS9108 Hunter Green ea MDS9109 Orchid ea MDS9112 Teal ea MDS9113 Purple ea MDS9114 Royal Blue ea The Compli-Mates Dual-Head Combination Kit combines an aneroid sphygmomanometer and a dual-head stethoscope. • Ideal for nurses and students. • Kit comes complete with an aneroid sphygmomanometer and matching dual-head stethoscope. • Packed together in a matching nylon carrying case. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9116 Magenta ea MDS9117 Teal ea MDS9118 Purple ea MDS9119 Royal Blue ea MDS9133 Hunter Green ea MDS9135 Burgundy ea MDS9136 Red ea Combining the Compli-Mates Aneroid Sphygmomanometers with the very popular Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope makes this Combination Kit popular with nurses and EMT’s. • Kit comes with an aneroid sphygmomanometer and a 22" Sprague Rappaport stethoscope. • Packed together in a matching nylon carrying case. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9121 Magenta ea MDS9123 Purple ea MDS9124 Royal Blue ea MDS9125 Black ea MDS9127 Lavender ea MDS9128 Hunter Green ea MDS9114 MDS9117 MDS9123 11 The Latex-Free Handheld Aneroid’s lightweight design and portability make it a popular handheld unit. • No-stop pin action allows a visual calibration check, ensuring accuracy. • Nylon rangefinder cuff provides quick, convenient patient fitting. • Latex-Free construction. • Field adjustable for long-term accuracy. PVC Item # Description Pkg. MDS9380 Adult ea MDS9386 Infant ea MDS9387 Child ea MDS9388 Large Adult ea Neoprene Item # Description Pkg. MDS9380LF Adult ea MDS9386LF Infant ea MDS9387LF Child ea MDS9388LF Large Adult ea Medline’s Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is ideal for those who prefer the one-handed technique. • High quality, chrome-plated gauge. • Heavy-duty calibrated nylon cuff with range finder markings for a correct fit every time. • Complete unit stores in a deluxe carrying case. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9640 Adult ea MDS9640 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com Our Best Selling Sphygmomanometer. Our finest handheld aneroid, the Nite-Shift Premier, has a luminescent dial that facilitates reading over a wide range of lighting conditions. • Durable zinc-alloy shell protects precision aneroid mechanism. • Shatter resistant acrylic faceplate surrounds the luminescent dial. • Field adjustable for long-term accuracy. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9410 Adult ea MDS9411 Child ea MDS9413 Large Adult ea MDS9380LF MDS9410 Sphygmomanometers 12 Large, raised numbers and a luminescent (glow in the dark) coating make the Nite Shift Wall-Mount Aneroid easy to read in almost any type of lighting. • Eight-foot coiled tubing and pivoting bracket extend service area for more convenient use. • Inflation system and bulb assembly store easily behind gauge. • Features Medline’s nylon range finder cuff. • Available in choice of Latex or Latex-Free Item # Description Pkg. MDS9400 Adult, Latex ea MDS9400LF Adult, Latex-Free ea Neoprene MDS9472 Wall mount ea basket (not shown) The Mobile Aneroid maintains all of the features of its Wall- Mount counterpart, the 9400, while adding the convenience of portability and height adjustment. • Adjusts from 29" to 48" to accommodate a wide range of viewing levels. • Includes inflation system and bulb assembly storage basket. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9407 Adult, Latex ea MDS9407LF Adult, Latex-Free ea Neoprene MDS9407LF MDS9400LF Sphygmomanometers Blood Pressure Cuff-Guard Help reduce the potential of cross-contamination by using our protective, disposable blood pressure cuff covers. • Latex-free • Made of Tyvek® material • Quick and easy to replace or remove the cover! Item # Description Pkg. MDS9157 Child Cuff-Guard 20/box MDS9158 Adult Cuff-Guard 20/box MDS9159 Large Adult Cuff-Guard 20/box 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 13 Blood Pressure Cuffs Disposable and Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs Currently in the United States, treating healthcare associated infections costs more than $6.7 billion dollars every year.1 More importantly, nearly 2 million infections occur and over 90,000 lives are lost each year due to these infections.2 By establishing measures that are designed to reduce cross contamination, many of these lives could be spared. Did you know? There are more than 25 different infectious diseases that may be transmitted or acquired in a healthcare setting. The CDC states that "more than 70 percent of the bacteria that cause hospitalacquired infections are resistant to at least one of the drugs most commonly used to treat them. Persons infected with drug organisms are more likely to have longer hospital stays and require treatment with second or third-choice drugs that may be less effective, more toxic, and/or more expensive."2 Medline offers a complete line of disposable blood pressure cuffs that can remain with a patient throughout their hospital stay. The cuff is discarded when the patient is discharged, greatly reducing the likelihood of the blood pressure cuff becoming a vehicle for cross contamination. Medline also offers a complete line of reusable blood pressure cuffs that have a built-in antimicrobial finish to help reduce bacteria and a fluid barrier to prevent stains. Medline's disposable and reusable blood pressure cuffs offer a simple solution to help reduce cross contamination, their related costs and preserve patient quality of life. 14 Choosing the right size cuff for every patient ensures accurate readings and provides less room for error. The chart (to the right) will help you determine the correct cuff size based on the patient’s upper arm circumference. Please note that if you choose a cuff that is not the appropriate size, the reading may not be accurate. Limb Cuff Size Circumference INFANT CHILD SMALL ADULT ADULT ADULT LONG LARGE ADULT LARGE ADULT LONG THIGH 08 – 14 cm 13 – 20 cm 18 – 26 cm 26 – 35 cm 29 – 38 cm 32 – 42 cm 35 – 44 cm 42 – 50 cm Recommended for older Spacelabs (Instrumentarium), Datascope, Dräger®, Fukuda Denshi®, BCI®, Colin®, Welch Allyn and Nihon Kohden® units Recommended for Philips® (Agilent®/HP®), Criticare, Datascope®, newer Spacelabs® (Instrumentarium®) and Siemens® units Recommended for GE® (Critikon®/Dinamap®), CAS®, Criticare®, MDE®, Welch Allyn®, and Invivo Research® (Omega®) units Dinamap Connector Bayonet-Style Connector Slip Luer Connector 1-Tube 2-Tube 1-Tube 2-Tube 1-Tube 2-Tube MDS9720DM MDS9710DM MDS9721DM MDS9711DM MDS9722DM MDS9712DM MDS9723DM MDS9713DM MDS9723DML MDS9713DML MDS9724DM MDS9714DM MDS9724DML MDS9714DML MDS9725DM MDS9715DM MDS9720HP MDS9721HP MDS9722HP MDS9723HP MDS9723HPL MDS9724HP MDS9724HPL MDS9725HP MDS9710HP MDS9711HP MDS9712HP MDS9713HP MDS9713HPL MDS9714HP MDS9714HPL MDS9715HP MDS9720SL MDS9721SL MDS9722SL MDS9723SL MDS9723SLL MDS9724SL MDS9724SLL MDS9725SL MDS9710SL MDS9711SL MDS9712SL MDS9713SL MDS9713SLL MDS9714SL MDS9714SLL MDS9715SL Note: 1. Vinyl fabric cuffs are available on most disposable blood pressure cuffs. Please place a “V” after the connector type code to order. 2. Yellow vinyl cuffs are available in select sizes for isolation areas. Please contact your Medline representative for more informtion. 3. Long cuffs are available on most disposable blood pressure cuffs. Please place a “L” after the connector type code to order. Blood Pressure Cuffs Medline’s Disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs are made form a soft, comfortable woven polyester fabric in clean hospital white. Each cuff has rounded corners and finished edges for optimal patient comfort. Geniune Velcro® closures ensure a lasting and snug fit for every patient. Cuffs come in a wide range of infant to adult sizes, each color-coded for convenience. A complete line of connectors and adapters connect cuffs to virtually every non-invasive blood pressure monitor. All sizes meet the American Heart Association® recommendations for accuracy. 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 15 Note: 1. Vinyl fabric cuffs are available on most disposable blood pressure cuffs. Please place a “V” after the connector type code to order. 2. Yellow vinyl cuffs are available in select sizes for isolation areas. Please contact your Medline representative for more informtion. 3. Long cuffs are available on most disposable blood pressure cuffs. Please place a “L” after the connector type code to order. Limb Cuff Size Circumference INFANT CHILD SMALL ADULT ADULT ADULT LONG LARGE ADULT LARGE ADULT LONG THIGH 08 – 14 cm 13 – 20 cm 18 – 26 cm 26 – 35 cm 29 – 38 cm 32 – 42 cm 35 – 44 cm 42 – 50 cm Recommended for older Spacelabs (Instrumentarium), Datascope, Dräger, Fukuda Denshi, BCI, Colin, Welch Allyn and Nihon Kohden units Recommended for CasMed® 740/ 750 units Recommended for GE (Marquette) and Welch Allyn units Recommended for Datex® and Ohmeda® units 1-Tube 2-Tube Male Luer Connector Marquette Female Connector Marquette Male Connector Marquette Male & Female Connector 1-Tube 2-Tube 1-Tube 2-Tube MDS9720ML MDS9720MQML MDS9721ML MDS9722ML MDS9723ML MDS9723MLL MDS9724ML MDS9724MLL MDS9725ML MDS9710ML MDS9711ML MDS9712ML MDS9713ML MDS9713MLL MDS9714ML MDS9714MLL MDS9715ML MDS9720MQ MDS9721MQ MDS9722MQ MDS9723MQ MDS9723MQL MDS9724MQ MDS9724MQL MDS9725MQ MDS9710MQ MDS9711MQ MDS9712MQ MDS9713MQ MDS9713MQL MDS9714MQ MDS9714MQL MDS9715MQ MDS9721MQML MDS9722MQML MDS9723MQML MDS9723MQMLL MDS9724MQML MDS9724MQMLL MDS9725MQML MDS9710MQMF MDS9711MQMF MDS9712MQMF MDS9713MQMF MDS9713MQMFL MDS9714MQMF MDS9714MQMFL MDS9715MQMF Choosing the right size cuff for every patient ensures accurate readings and provides less room for error. The chart (to the right) will help you determine the correct cuff size based on the patient’s upper arm circumference. Please note that if you choose a cuff that is not the appropriate size, the reading may not be accurate. Blood Pressure Cuffs 16 UltraCheck® bladderless reusable cuffs, latex-free two-tube cuff Item # Description Pkg. STCUD0814__* Infant 5/bx STCUD1320__* Child 5/bx STCUD1826__* Small Adult 5/bx STCUD2635__* Adult** 5/bx STCUD3242__* Large Adult** 5/bx STCUD4250__* Thigh 5/bx One-tube cuff Item # Description Pkg. STCUS0814__* Infant 5/bx STCUS1320__* Child 5/bx STCUS1826__* Small Adult 5/bx STCUS2635__* Adult** 5/bx STCUS3242__* Large Adult** 5/bx STCUS4250__* Thigh 5/bx *Refer to previous chart for connector types **Longs available. Add “L” after connector type code Bladderless Reusable Cuffs Our bladderless reusable blood pressure cuffs are coated with a stain, fluid and antimicrobial inhibitor to give long-lasting utility in a hospital environment. Every size is manufactured to meet the American Heart Association standards for accuracy. Available with a choice of fittings for most every momanometer and non-invasive blood pressure monitor. STCUD2635DM MDS9733 Disposable Neonatal Cuffs Medline's Neonatal cuff is available in sizes from 3cm to 15cm with your choice of one tube or two. The cuffs are soft with a Velcro closure and are latex free. PVC Free and Vinyls available. One-Tube Cuff, Neonatal Item # Description Pkg. MDS9741 Neonatal #1(3-6 cm) 10/bx MDS9742 Neonatal #2 (4-8 cm) 10/bx MDS9743 Neonatal #3 (6-11 cm) 10/bx MDS9744 Neonatal #4 (7-14 cm) 10/bx MDS9745 Neonatal #5 (8-15 cm) 10/bx Two-Tube Cuff, Neonatal Item # Description Pkg. MDS9751 Neonatal #1 (3-6 cm) 10/bx MDS9752 Neonatal #2 (4-8 cm) 10/bx MDS9753 Neonatal #3 (6-11 cm) 10/bx MDS9754 Neonatal #4 (7-14 cm) 10/bx MDS9755 Neonatal #5 (8-15 cm) 10/bx Single patient use TWO-tube Cuff w/bulb & valve (for manual manometers) Item # Description Pkg. MDS9730** Infant 5/bx MDS9731** Child 5/bx MDS9732** Small Adult 5/bx MDS9733** Adult 5/bx MDS9734** Large Adult 5/bx MDS9735** Thigh 5/bx Blood Pressure Cuffs AVAILABLE IN PVC FREE! * Add PF for PVC free option * Add V for vinyl option 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 17 Blood Pressure Cuffs Reusable Infusors Item # Description Pkg. STC11031 500cc ea STC11035 500cc 5/bx STC11041 1000cc ea STC11042 3000cc ea Single-Patient Use Infusors Item # Description Pkg. Dial Gauge STC803FGA 500cc, Thumbwheel 24/cs STC803SGA 500cc, Stopcock 24/cs STC804FGA 1000cc, Thumbwheel 24/cs STC804SGA 1000cc, Stopcock 24/cs STC805SGA 3000cc, Stopcock 10/cs Piston Gauge STC903SGA 500cc, Stopcock 24/cs STC903TGA 500cc, Thumbwheel 24/cs STC904SGA 1000cc, Stopcock 24/cs STC904TGA 1000cc, Thumbwheel 24/cs STC905SGA 3000cc, Stopcock 10/cs STC905TGA 3000cc, Thumbwheel 10/cs Pressure Infusors Our complete line of pressure infusors is designed for invasive blood pressure monitoring, rapid infusion of liquids and for use with auto transfusion devices. The reusable infusor is manufactured from durable 200 denier nylon for long life and easy cleaning. The disposable infusors are made from white nylon with clear sleeve material for easy visualization of fluid. The "800" series feature a dial-type gauge while the "900" series feature a piston-type gauge. STC803FGA STC903SGA STC11031 18 Compass Diabetes Program Improving Diabetes Management in Long-Term Care Diabetes is a devastating disease that significantly impacts the structure of long-term care. Twenty-six percent of nursing home residents have diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately 20.8 million people in the United States have diabetes. It is alarming that 6.2 million cases go undiagnosed for many years and do not receive treatment until severe complications appear.3 The cost of caring for these residents, and the complications arising from diabetes, exceeds $6 billion dollars annually.4 In fact, one in every ten healthcare dollars is spent on diabetes and its complications.3 That is why Medline is proud to introduce a comprehensive diabetes educational tool specifically designed to address the needs of individuals in the long-term care market. It emphasizes the importance of proper diabetes management to prevent complications, and also illustrates how to achieve it. Considering that heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, blindness, kidney disease, dental disease, nervous system disease, and even amputations are all complications of diabetes, it is easy to see why healthcare providers strive to provide the best possible care for their residents. Additionally, knowing that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is reviewing Pay for Performance measures and evaluating avoidable hospital admissions, like those due to complications from diabetes, it is vital for nursing home staff to understand current standards of practice. Medline assembled a tool to help healthcare providers better care for residents with diabetes by compiling and organizing data acquired during the course of working with healthcare professionals for more than 40 years. What’s in the Compass Diabetes box? • One Director of Nursing (DON) Instruction Manual— A teacher’s guide to the program, which includes 4 CE contact hours. • Three additional Glucose Monitoring Training resource books— Put them on treatment carts or in nurses’ stations for easy access. • Five additional Family Education books—Give them to residents’ families. • Two Educational Compact Discs (CDs)— To educate staff on using the Optium™ Glucose Monitoring System. 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 19 Diabetes Diagnostic Testing Medline Optium™ Glucose Monitoring System Medline Optium test strips have been designed to prevent inaccurate tests and test strip waste caused by interferences from many common substances* and/or application of an inadequate sample volume. Application of inadequate blood samples in some blood glucose monitoring systems can potentially lead to erroneous results or error messages which means wasted test strips. A unique fill trigger prevents the test from starting until an adequate blood sample is applied. Simply add more sample and the MediSense® Optium meter produces a result, without compromising accuracy. With a 450 result memory, downloading feature and large easy-toread display, the Optium system can handle all your blood glucose testing needs. Item # Description Pkg. MIS70517Z Optium Blood Glucose Meter ea MIS99134 Optium Glucose Test Strips, 12 bx/cs, 50 ea/bx MIS99134Z Optium Glucose Test Strips, 50 ea/bx MIS99135 Optium Glucose Test Strips, 6 bx/cs, 100 ea/bx MIS99135Z Optium Glucose Test Strips, 100 ea/bx MIS70550 Precision Control Solution, 6 bx/cs 1 vial high, 1 vial low per box MIS70550Z Precision Control Solution, bx 1 vial high, 1 vial low per box MIS70517Z Actual Size Best in Class! *Examples include Uric Acid, Vitamin C, Sulfonylureas and Aspirin (list of 67 substances is on file). Monofilament This monofilament can be used as a routine test to assess a resident’s foot sensitivity. Item # Description Pkg. MSC0002 Foot Monofilament, Diabetic Neuropathy Test 25/bx MSC0002 Hemoglobin A1C Test The A1cNow® InView System offers incredibly fast, quantitative A1C results (in just 5 minutes) utilizing micro-optical technology that is integrated into a proprietary reusable monitor with single use cartridges that is lab accurate at 99%. Item # Description Pkg. DIB0310510 A1cNow InView Monitor 10/kit Lancets 20 Lancets Ultra Sharp Lancets have fine-point tip for smooth and fast procedures. Choose from our general lancets in 100 or 200 count. These lancets can be used with all general lancing devices. Item # Description Pkg. MPH1505515 Medline Lancet, 23 Gauge Needle 2400/cs MPH1505515Z Medline Lancet, 23 Gauge Needle 200/bx MPH1505514 Medline Lancet, 26 Gauge Needle 2400/cs MPH1505514Z Medline Lancet, 26 Gauge Needle 100/bx MPH281001DME Medline Lancet, 28 Gauge Needle 20,000/cs MPH281001DMEZ Medline Lancet, 28 Gauge Needle 100/bx MPH281001DMEZ OMMAT07 series OMMAT1004Z Unistik® Safety Lancets Offers maximum comfort for your patients. The Unistik needlepoint is hidden before use and automatically retracts after use to avoid needle stick injuries and help reduce cross infection. Item # Description Pkg. OMMAT0704Z Unistik 2 Normal Depth 200/bx OMMAT0704 Unistik 2 Normal Depth 6000/cs OMMAT0714Z Unistik 2 Extra Depth 200/bx OMMAT1004Z Unistik 3 Normal Depth 200/bx New Lancets! Medline Preferred Safety Lancets Medline Preferred safety lancets are simple and safe for both the healthcare professional and the patient. The needle retracts automatically and locks out for extra safety, protecting patients and healthcare professionals from needlestick injuries and help reduce cross-contamination. Item # Description Pkg. MPHSAFETY21 Lancet, Normal Flow, 21 Gauge 1.8mm 200/bx MPHSAFETY28 MPHSAFETY28 Lancet, Micro Flow, 28 Gauge 1.6mm 200/bx PT Testing System * Note: INRatio PT/INR is only available to long-term care and home health facilities INRatio® PT/INR Monitoring System INRatio PT/INR Monitoring System offers confidence in PT/INR results and convenience at the point of care. Additional features include: • Two levels of quantitative quality controls that are performed and displayed with every test • Individually wrapped test strips that do not require refrigeration • Simple fingerstick test procedure that requires only 15μl of blood • Self-maintaining system requires only routine cleaning • Performs automatic electronic self-tests • Large easy-to-read screen and easy interface • Powered by AC adapter or 4 AA batteries • Memory stores up to 60 test results • Built-in port for printer communication • Recombinant thromboplastin with a low ISI Item # Description Pkg. P-T100004Z INRatio Professional Kit (includes meter) ea P-T100139Z INRatio Test Strips 48/bx P-T200046 INRatio Printer ea P-T200016 INRatio Carrying Case ea P-T0200235A Blood Collection Tubes 100/bg OMMAT0714Z Safety Lancets 200/bx WHD30323 Printer Labels, 220/rl 1 rl/cs P-T100004Z 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 21 22 Thermometers • Utilizes infrared technology to derive the most accurate body temperature from the tympanic membrane. • Records and analyzes up to 100 temperature measurements, and selects the highest and most accurate in less than 2 seconds, as compared to 32 in Genius and 1-8 measurements in competitive thermometers. • Reduces the chance of an inaccurate reading due to improper technique or patient movement. • Durable tip-based sensor technology Improves durability and accuracy, minimizing the need for recalibration. • Tapered probe design • Rapid response time 1 - 2 second • Real time temperatures • Programmable display • Reduces cross-contamination No contact with mucusal membranes No touch probe cover application and release Item # Description Pkg. SWD303000 Genius2 Thermometer ea SWD303030Z Probe Covers 96 ea/bx Genius2 Thermometer Measures temperature from the tympanic membrane, which shares the same blood flow as the hypothalmus, the body’s natural thermostat. MDS9654B MDS9628 MDS9629 Digital Thermometers Our digital thermometers provide accurate temperatures in about 60 sec. • Large LCD screen for easy readings. • Simple push-button start. • Disposable sheaths allow for sanitary oral, rectal, or axillary use. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9650 Oral, Premier ea Oral °F & ºC MDS9652 Rectal, Premier ea Rectal °F MDS9654B Oral, Standard 200/cs Oral °F MDS9628 Oral Kit w/20 ea Sheaths °F MDS9629 Rectal Kit ea w/20 Sheaths °F MDS9607 Oral Sheaths 100/bx MDS9608 Rectal Sheaths 100/bx MDS96801 Flex-tip, waterproof, ea °C or °F MDS9650 MDS96801 New! 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 23 Thermometers *Readings in six to ten seconds depending on individual. Features Patented R.A.T.E. Technology Gentle, non-invasive sensor accurately reads in Fº & Cº Power/memory control button Large Digital Display 2-AAA Batteries included Six Seconds*, Temple Digital Thermometer The NEW Medline Instant Read* Digital Temple Thermometer accurately measures body heat using Patented R.A.T.E.™ technology (Rapid, Accurate, Temperature, Establishment). • Sensors rapidly track heat flow generated from blood vessels to the skins surface and convert measurements to body temperature. • Easy-to-use while asleep or awake. • Meets accuracy standards. • Large digital display. • Switchable from Fahrenheit to Celsius. • Beeps when ready. • Memory stores previous reading. Item # Description Pkg. MDS9698 Temple Thermometer ea MDS9699 Probe Covers 250ea/bx FeverScan™ Disposable Forehead Thermometers FeverScan™ products utilize thermo chromic liquid crystal (TLS) technology for the measurement of clinical temperature trends in the healthcare environment. Liquid crystals are chemical compounds and mixtures that exhibit the mechanical properties of liquids and the optical characteristics of solids. FeverScan™ thermometers are composed of a series of discrete temperature events, each event shows a green color as the indicated temperature is attained. Anesthesia & PACU (with adhesive backing) Item # Description Pkg. ATC430 °F 94°F-104°F 100/dispenser ATC431 °C 35°C-40°C 100/dispenser Hypo/Hyperthermic Monitoring (with adhesive backing) Item # Description Pkg. ATC434 Extended Range °F 84°F-106°F 100/dispenser ATC435 Extended Range °C 30°C-41°C 100/dispenser Reusable (no adhesive) Item # Description Pkg. ATC432 °F 94°F-104°F 100/dispenser ATC433 °C 35°C-40°C 100/dispenser • Continuous Display • Forehead Temperature Monitor • Anesthesia through PACU • Watch for Hypo/Hyperthermia • Pre and Post-Op Surveillance • Disposable, Latex-Free • Core Adjusted Temperature 24 Thermometers Exergen® Temporal Scanner™ Thermometer Precision infrared scanner provides a truly non-invasive method for measuring temperature. Simply scan across the temporal artery area of the forehead, touch behind the earlobe, and an accurate reproducible temperature is measured in about three seconds. • Convenient one-handed operation • Completely non-invasive • Stainless steel probe for highest durability • Easy snap-on probe caps • Three-year warranty Item # Description Pkg. EXGTAT5000 Infrared Temporal Artery Themometer ea EXG134203 Disposable Probe Caps 1000 ea/cs TMS40002 EXGTAT5000 Welch Allyn SureTemp® Model 690 The SureTemp Plus 690 Thermometer delivers oral results in just four seconds! This electronic thermometer is easy to use, compact and dependable. It delivers oral results in four seconds, axillary temperatures (for children under four) in 10 seconds and rectal temperatures in 10 seconds with the use of an optional, interchangeable probe. Large LCD display features Fahrenheit or Celsius readouts and last temperature recall. This affordable thermometer is ideal for alternate care environments. Three 1.5V AA batteries provide 6000 readings. Automatic probe cover ejection; Two-year limited warranty. Item # Description Pkg. W-A01690200 Oral/Axillary Thermometer ea W-A02892000 Rectal Probe ea W-A5031101 Disposable Probe Covers 1000/cs W-A01690200 W-A5031101Z Disposable Probe Covers 250/bx Thermoscan® Thermometers The NEW Braun Thermoscan Pro 4000 Thermometer patented technology is an ergonomically designed ear thermometer engineered to take temperatures easily and accurately with the click of a button. • Exclusive ExacTemp® technology provides an active user feedback light that signals that the probe has positioned in a stable way throughout the measurement, avoiding inaccurate measurements by handling errors • Preheated probe tip minimizes the cooldown effect experienced when taking repeat temperatures, improving accuracy and repeatability • Automatic probe cover eject button for quick and easy removal of used probe covers • Built-in cross-contamination safeguards – probe cover sensor reminds operator to use a new probe cover • Wide range of patient temperature – 68°F-108°F patient range allows for rescue of intensive care • Wide range of ambient temperature – 50°F-104°F ambient range allows for use in most environments • Durable – tested for damage resistance • Convenient wall-holder for Pro 4000 unit w/probe cover storage is available • Three-year limited warranty coverage Item # Description Pkg. TMS40002 Thermoscan PRO 4000 ea TMSPC800 Probe Covers 40 bx/cs 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com 25 Miscellaneous Diagnostics AED External Defibrillator Cardiac Science PowerHeart® AED G3 Automated External Defibrillator with voice prompts and text screen displays guide you through the rescue process. When cardiac arrest occurs, every second counts. The advantage of the PowerHeart AED G3 is that it may be used by anyone who has received basic training on its operation. Electrodes are pre-connected and disposable. Semi-automatic defibrillator with biphasic variable waveform delivers an effective shock in less than 55 seconds. Daily, weekly, and monthly automated self-checks ensure that PowerHeart is always ready to go. Internal memory holds 60 minutes of ECG data. Includes one pair of defibrillation electrodes, instructional CD-ROM and training video, RescueLink® and MDLink® software and serial communication cable. Seven-year warranty on device & four-year full replacement on battery. Item # Description Pkg. AED9300SEMICC Semi Automatic AED Kit ea AED9300AUTOCC Fully automatic AED Kit ea Includes: 1 Replacement set of adult defibrillator electrode pads 1 Soft carrying case 1 Ready Kit Powerheart G3 AED Disposable Penlights Lightweight and disposable, these high-intensity exam lights are perfect for the physician, nurse, and EMT. They’re constructed of high-impact molded styrene and can be clipped on pockets. Item # Description Pkg. MDS131020 Disposable Penlight, White 6/pk Reusable Penlight A combination penlight and pupil gauge! The pupil sizes are imprinted on the side of the pen for easy reference. Sizes range from 2mm- 8 mm. Requires 2-AAA batteries (included). Item # Description Pkg. MDS131030 Reusable Penlight with 600 ea/bx Pupil Gauge MDS131030BX Reusable Penlight with 100 ea/bx Pupil Gauge New Nylon Range finder Velcro Cuffs Item # Description Size Pkg. MDS9420 Adult 53⁄4" x 22" ea MDS9421 Child 41⁄4" x 15" ea MDS9423 Large Adult 67⁄8" x 26" ea 26 MDS9420 MDS9505LF MDS91410 MDS91420LF Two-Tube Inflation Bag & Nylon Range finder Cuff Item # Description Size Pkg. Latex-Free (PVC) MDS91420 Adult 53⁄4" x 22" ea MDS91421 Child 41⁄4" x 15" ea MDS91422 Infant 27⁄8" x 101⁄4" ea MDS91423 Large Adult 67⁄8" x 26" ea MDS91424 Thigh 81⁄2" x 301⁄2" ea Neoprene Latex-Free MDS91420LF Adult 53⁄4" x 22" ea MDS91421LF Child 41⁄4" x 15" ea MDS91422LF Infant 27⁄8" x 101⁄4" ea MDS91423LF Large Adult 67⁄8" x 26" ea One-Tube Inflation Bag & Nylon Range finder Cuff Item # Description Size Pkg. Latex-Free (PVC) MDS91410 Adult 53⁄4" x 22" ea MDS91411 Child 41⁄4" x 15" ea MDS91412 Infant 27⁄8" x 101⁄4" ea MDS91413 Large Adult 67⁄8" x 26" ea MDS91414 Thigh 81⁄2" x 301⁄2" ea Neoprene Latex-Free MDS91410LF Adult 53⁄4" x 22" ea MDS91411LF Child 41⁄4" x 15" ea MDS91412LF Infant 27⁄8" x 101⁄4" ea MDS91413LF Large Adult 67⁄8" x 26" ea MDS91414LF Thigh 81⁄2" x 301⁄2" ea Two-Tube Seamless Inflation Bag Item # Description Size Pkg. Latex MDS9505 Adult 43⁄4" x 87⁄8" ea MDS9506 Large Adult 6" x 123⁄4" ea Neoprene Latex-Free MDS9505LF Adult 43⁄4" x 87⁄8" ea MDS9506LF Large Adult 6" x 123⁄4" ea One-Tube Seamless Inflation Bag Item # Description Size Pkg. Latex MDS9205 Adult 43⁄4" x 87⁄8" ea MDS9206 Large Adult 6" x 123⁄4" ea Neoprene Latex-Free MDS9205LF Adult 43⁄4" x 87⁄8" ea MDS9206LF Large Adult 6" x 123⁄4" ea MDS9205 Accessories 27 MDS9547 MDS9544 MDS9414 MDS9381 MDS9472 MDS9475LF MDS9630 MDS9508 MDS9481 MDS91481LF 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com Single or Dual-Head Parts Item # Description Pkg. MDS9544 White Plastic Ear Tips ea MDS9547 Soft Rubber Ear Tips ea MDS9552 Diaphragm ea Gauges and gauge parts Item # Description Pkg. MDS9414 Premier Gauge Only ea MDS9415 Face Glass for Premier Gauge ea MDS9381 Standard Gauge Only ea MDS9507 Face Glass for Standard ea and Economy Gauge Bulbs and Valves Item # Description Pkg. MDS9508 Valve Only ea MDS91481 Bulb Only, Latex-Free (PVC) ea MDS91481LF Bulb Only, Latex-Free (Neoprene) ea MDS91482 Bulb and Valve Assembly, ea Latex-Free (PVC) MDS9630 Bulb and Valve Assembly, ea Premium Latex MDS9560 Bulb and Valve, Large, Latex ea Tubing Item # Description Pkg. MDS9473 4-Foot Coiled Tubing ea w/Connector, Latex MDS9475 8-foot Coiled Tubing ea w/Connectors, Latex MDS9475LF 8-foot Coiled Tubing ea w/Connectors, Latex-Free (Neoprene) Other parts Item # Description Pkg. MDS9472 Inflation Systems Holder for Wall ea Mounted or Mobile Sphygmomanometers MDS9481 Metal Connector ea Accessories 1-800-MEDLINE www.medline.com ©2007 Medline Industries, Inc. One Medline Place, Mundelein, IL 60060 Medline and Insignia are registered trademarks of Medline Industries, Inc. MKT207162/LIT007A/10M/ZPN/2 A1cNow® is a registered trademark of Metrika, Inc. Agilent® is a registered trademark of Agilent Technologies American Heart Association® is a registered trademark of American Heart Association BCI® is a registered trademark of Smith's Medical CasMed®, Unifusor® and UltraCheck® are registered trademarks of CAS Medical Systems, Inc. Criticare® is a registered trademark of Criticare Systems, Inc. Critikon® and Dinamap® are registered trademarks of GE Medical Systems Datascope® is a registered trademark of Datascope Trademark Corp. Datex® is a registered trademark of Instrumentarium Corporation Dräger® is a registered trademark of Dragerwerk AG Corporation ExacTemp® and Thermoscan® are registered trademarks of Braun GmbH Corporation Exergen® and Temporal Scanner® are registered trademarks of Exergen Corp Feverscan® is a registered trademark of LCR Hallcrest Fukuda Denshi® is a registered trademark of Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd. GE™ is a trademark of General Electric HP® is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company INRatio® is a registered trademark of HemoSense, Inc. Instrumentarium® is a registered trademark of Instrumentarium Corporation Invivo Research® and Omega® are registered trademarks of Invivo Corporation MDF®, ComfortSeal®, BlackOut®, PulseTime® and ER Premier® are registered trademarks of MDF Instruments USA, Inc MediSense® is a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories Nihon Kohden® is a registered trademark of Nihon Kohden Corporation Optium® is a registered trademark of Abbott Laboratories Philips® is a registered trademark of Bayer Corp. PowerHeart®, RescueLink® and MD Link® are registered trademarks of Cardiac Science Corp. R.A.T.E.™ and DTT™ are trademarks of BestMed Siemens® is a registered trademark of Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Spacelabs® is a registered trademark of Spacelabs Medical Tyvek® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Unistik® is a registered trademark of Owen Mumford Ltd. Velcro® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries Welch Allyn® and SureTemp® are registered trademarks of Welch Allyn, Inc. References: 1. Graves, Nicholas. Economics and preventing hospital-acquired infection. Emerging Infectious Diseases. April 2004;10(4). 2. Department of Health and Human Services. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Antimicrobial Resistance in Healthcare Settings page. Available at: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dhqp/ar.html#1. Accessed June 15, 2007. 3. The American Diabetes Association. The All About Diabetes Page. Available at http://www.diabetes/org/about-diabetes.jsp. Accessed October 2, 2007. 4. American Medical Directors Association. The Diabetes Management in Long-Term Care Page. Available at http://www.amda.com/publications/caring/february2003/diabetes.cfm. Accessed August 18, 2006.
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