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Customer Testimonials


"I was very satisfied with the results of my recent purchase from GoSouthernMD.com. I was having some problems using my Discover Card so they took the purchase over the telephone. The oxygen concentrator arrived in excellent condition, ahead of schedule. I had it tested for performance and it was well within specification. In a word, excellent work by SMD!"

Jim in Jacksonville

"Southern Medical's service to their customers is second to none."

Joe in Scottsdale

"I will recommend you to anyone looking to purchase the items you sell."

Mary Ellen in Tampa

"Invacare is closed (it's Saturday and the Holiday is coming up). This is why I used you and then [per] your word, I received a Christmas Miracle this morning -- a brand new set of generic adjustable wheelchair legrests...Your service is fabulous. Thanks...I appreciate everything you've done for me so far."

Joe C. in Warren

"Thank you very much Robert for this awesome little nebulizer. It's amazing. If there is anything I need in the future I would be glad to use your company. I appreciate all that you did for me."

Sandra in Hialeah

"Just to let you know, I received the Blood Pressure Monitor and it works properly. I thank you very much for your help."

Mary Ann in Portland

"Great Service, quick response, and they protect you by making security verification telephone calls!"

Lou T. in Livonia

"Excellent choice of products and prices!"

Doug in Stillwater

"Robert takes pride in his company and his customer service; and his talk was backed up by action... I applaud the professional follow-up. Thanks!"

Kenneth in Merrimac

"Their tagline "Great Products-Excellent Prices-Quality Service" describes exactly what we received from this outstanding company. When my husband inquired about a difficult-to-find small inexpensive part, everyone was so courteous and personable, we were amazed. We had searched a long time for a set of tall wheel extenders to fit my older Guardian walker, and we asked a lot of questions, but the rep's patience and volunteer extra research on our behalf resulted in success. Finally we have extenders that fit properly! We were so pleased and grateful for the quality service and terrific prices, we added a snazzy Medline rollator to our order. Care and attention to detail like this are found rarely to never these days. Our thanks for everything, GoSouthernMD.com, you are our new go-to supplier for all medical equipment and supplies!"

NJ in Houston

"Thank you for the follow up. The portable concentrator was delivered late this afternoon.I am very pleased with the unit and service I received."

Terry in Chattanooga

"My order was received this morning on Thursday, May 15, 2008 by UPS in good condition. The product is just what I needed. Thank you for such good, prompt service."

Mary H. in Denver

"Thank you for sending my new nebulizer. I greatly appreciate the service that your company has shown to me. I will box up my broken nebulizer and the other one I received and send it to you next week. Thanks again for the excellent service!"

Sandra in Cape Coral

"Thanks so much for getting back to me. That is very nice of GoSouthernMD.com to let me keep the extra bedside commode buckets. I really appreciate all your work."

Sue in Clearwater

"Thank you very much. I appreciate your prompt response and the attention that your company gives to customers even with small orders! "

Michael in Lincoln

"My sincere thanks to you for forwarding the manual as requested. You may be assured that your company will be on my entire family mailing list for all of our medical needs."

Warren in Tacoma

"I just ordered another Lumbosacral Corset. The last one I ordered just a couple of weeks ago is a little too big but it works, I just think I will feel so much better with a smaller one. I wanted to take the time to thank you for helping me with the first order and to let you know I think that you are certainly heaven sent!"

Julia B. in Dallas

"Thank you for your help. I was able to get a knee stabilizer to my daughter in Mexico."

Elwin in Lansing

"I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me with the portable concentrator unit for my mom's trip. We made the trip and returned the unit last Tuesday back to Santa Rosa.Thanks again."

Kathy in Santa Rosa


Don in Philadelphia

"May I take this opportunity to thank you and all of the people at GoSouthernMD.com for making things so simple and for all your help to a traveler from 'across the pond'."

Pam in Williamsburg

"Customer Service was very helpful providing the information I requested. Thanks!"

Bryan B. in Fresno

"Hi, just letting you all know that the order arrived at the Las Vegas address yesterday while I was still there and everything was great - the low profile cushion may actually be a better "fit" for my father after all, and the extra 16x16 cushion made it usable in his favorite chair. Thanks again, I appreciate the personal attention."

Corey in Las Vegas

"Customer service and all at GoSouthernMD.com, can I say what a fabulous company you are. I live in England and am coming to Virginia on vacation and wanted to rent some aids for my disabled husband. I have spent two months searching via Chambers of Commerce, Tourist Guides and anything else I could think of and was told that there was no-one in the Virginia area who rented such products. Then a couple of days ago someone suggested I try www.gosouthernmd.com and now I have found the right company and got the right product reserved and paid for ready for delivery to my resort. It is such a relief to know that this is sorted out as it will give both my husband and I great peace of mind to know that we have the same mobility aid on vacation as we have here in England. You really are fantastic and I shall certainly come to you first if I plan any more trips to the USA."

Pam K. in London

"Thanks so much. I finally located the order. UPS screwed up. Can you imagine that? LOL You are the greatest. Now get some sleep. I should have the scooter in time for my wife's knee surgery."

Henry in Lexington

"Very easy, organized website. Found just what I was looking for and you had several more items that I will need!"

Leslie in Rhode Is.

"Thanks customer service; the package is set for delivery today. I left a message for the delivery person. Have a nice weekend and thanks again for your follow-up."

Rob in Hayward, CA

"Thanks for the information. The fact that I allowed myself to end up with an urgent need for oxygen is not your problem and you should not be responsible for UPS 2nd day delivery charges.Please figure the difference between 2nd day and Standard UPS Groundand charge that amount to the MasterCard I used to pay you for theconcentrator. Thanks once again for your excellent service."

Leonard in Tucson

"At 10:00 PM on a Saturday night, I had a patient that needed to go home from Duke Hospital's Emergency Dept. To discharge her, I needed home oxygen to be set up in the patient's home. Robert, the owner of the company, arranged to do this for the patient. The patient avoided an unnecessary hospital admission. We really appreciated the rapid response."

Eileen in Durham

"Received the Maxx 22 x 20 cushion this afternoon! Thank you for being so helpful!"

Rita in AuSable, NY

"Thank you so much for helping me and ordering my special cane. I looked everywhere for it and it was nice to know that you could get it done where others failed. Worlds Tallest Man - Aurangzeb Khan"

Mr. Khan in Pembroke

"I just got a happy little email from DHL stating that you sent out my table. Thank you so much! You are awesome! I just checked the DHL service and you sent it over night and they say it's gonna be here tomorrow by noon. I thank you so much for your services and your help. You have a great attitude and I will be happy to pass your name around. Is there a feedback area on your page so I can tell others how great you are. Also, I looked at that 79 dollar table and that's perfect for my wheel chair. That means I can fold this bad boy up and take it anywhere with me. That rocks. Thank you so much again. And if there's anything I can do for you like give you a good recommendation please let me know. Thanks again."

Sean K. in Indiana

"Thank you very much GoSouthernMD.com.I would rate your customer service as excellent."

Doris in Miami

"My credit card account recorded credit for full amount from your company on the 19th of November, 2008. Thanks for your return policy and refund. I will consider your company for future purchases."

Jerry in Chicago

"Thank you so much and I do like the chair and thanks for suggesting the desk arms, it's just perfect. I find it refreshing that your company sells quality equipment for a fair dollar amount. If more people did what you do I believe this world would be a better place, especially on necessity items.Thank you again!"

DiDi in Boston

"Good Morning! The wheelchair is awesome! it glides with no effort & is easy to transport in & out of my car, & with the help of Robert we got the desk arms and that is how I am able to type this note. I'm rating, not only the wheelchair, but also the good service we've received. It's about the whole package/experience. 5+ is my rating. Thank you, Southern Medical for making things easy to purchase at a very affordable price. "

Tom in Eagan, MN


Henry in Philly

"I am so sorry to have caused so much of a problem for you..thank you so much though, because the little walker is working perfectly for mom, she's a little short stuff:) If it makes you feel any better, I have spent HUNDREDS on walkers that people promised me would work for her, and then didn't..I am just so happy to find one that finally did! God bless you!"

Barbara in Sanford

"THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! YOU ARE WONDERFUL :) Wishing you all a great weekend - you deserve it!!! The concentrator is out for delivery today - Thank you again for everything!"

Carolyn in Michigan

"Thank you so much for your amazing kindness and assistance! I wish that all companies were as knowledgeable about their products and the manufacturers as you are. More importantly, I wish that even half of the companies I deal with would assist their customers as you did.In a day filled with truncated flights, emergency room visits, and hospital admissions, you have been the one bright spot. Thank you for "showing me the ropes". While my father-in-law has been embarrassed and reluctant to pursue real answers about why this machine isn't working, I have high hopes after speaking with you and Jared that I may be able to get to the bottom of this and get the machine in proper working order.I can't thank you enough! "

Kristen in Denver

"Thanks again for all your help Robert!! You were a tremendous help getting the portable concentrator to us just in time!! "

Deborah in Tampa

"U guys r life savers."

Gustavo in Ruidoso

"Both the EverGo and the EverFlo Q are just great! The EverGo really gives my husband the freedom he wants to do the things he enjoys and he takes it everywhere. The EverFlo Q is our bedtime companion and it is not difficult to move. The oximeter is an important piece of equipment and I now keep tabs on my husband's oxygen level. We appreciate your service and your reasonable prices and are so glad we found you. Thank you for being in business to help people like us. Keep up the good work."

Page in Hawaii

"Dear Mr. Remitz,Thank you so very much for the masks and the extra pair of socks!Yours truly,Mr. and Mrs. Baldin****(on a very nice thank you letter)"

Jody in Destin, FL

"From our Customer Service:David Tho*** Called to Thank You for the fantastic job you did....They RECEIVED THEIR NAVIGATOR and are very satisfied. He thanks you for your patience in dealing with his wife too. He asked that I email him a receipt for which I am going to do so and cc you on it. Good Job Rob!"

David in Cleveland

"This is a Godsent. The website is perfect."

Patrick from Plano

"GoSouthernMD.com,Rollator was received on the 10th and tested by the ultimate user who found it to be excellent.A BIG THANK YOU!!!!"

Guido in Miami

"Thank you! You and your company have been incredibly helpful...refreshing!"

Tom in Sun Valley

"Thanks for your effort to take care of a customer, it is highly appreciated. Good old fashioned customer service is alive and well. I will have a great trip now.Thank you!"

Richard in Seattle

"WOW--what a company. You did an incredible job of being there every step of the way for my Grandmother and her medical needs. You gave incredible advice on her pressure sores with the SilverSorb and other items to heal it and the great price that we got for the air loss mattress did the trick. We did the rent to own and you saved us time and money. Thanks GoSouthernMD.com."

Joan in Houston

"Got it in the nick of time. I am extremely grateful to you. My faith in you has been vindicated. I wish you all the best in your endeavours especially online business. I hope to buy from you in future. Thank you once again."

Haran in Brandon, MS

"<12-8-09 was the date on this order.> You have a wonderful website. I will be returning often."

Marti in Sun City

"It arrived this morning sometime between 10:30 and 11:15 !! We have it all set up and going. It is as quiet as advertised. Our three cats were frightened when the concentrator initially started up but then they quickly got used to it over the next 10-15 minutes. Thank you, thank you---we are hoping the O2 will help with Jim's wound healing on his lower legs. Jim is most grateful and will certainly enjoy the holidays much more. Have a festive and joyous holiday! "

Danae in Tucson

"I would like to take a moment to thank you for all the efforts you have made to not only get my sister a wheelchair on time but also to rectify the unexpected error that occured with our order. There is nothing more important to a business than customer service. In my mind, your customer service stands over and beyond my expectations. The personal touch that you lend to your business makes it exceptional. I can not tell you how much getting help with such a necessary and personal product means to someone in need. Getting great help and exceptional customer care is something that we will not only remember but pass along to all our friends, family and colleagues in Canada and the United States.Thank you for agreeing to cover the cost of the wheelchair. It exceeded our expectations. You are truly appreciated."

Anny in Ontario

"Thank you so much for helping out the IRS in Dallas. We will be doing lots of rentals with GoSouthernMD.com because of the success of our recent government order. Thanks for your help and I do not know what we would have done with out you. This was a new experience for the IRS and I appreciate all the efforts GoSouthernMD.com put forth to help rent a scooter for one of our employees. You are the best and please tell your accounting person, Crystal, that she went out of her way for us and we thank you so much. It is the great customer service that we will not forget."

Cheryl in Dallas

"robert,This is frank h, from calif, i would like to take a moment and say thank you for providing me with such great service and your pricing is not to be beat. i recieved(sic)my order of a much needed oxygen concentrator in time faster than i thought. you have saved me hundreds of dollars and again your service was great. A Big THANK YOU.PS. i will be referring(sic)you to anybody that has a need for these servives(sic)thanks again.Frank H"

Frank in Montrovia

"Hi Robert,Got the scooter and my mom went on a test drive already. I think it will be perfect for her to get around on while she's here. Thank you so much."

Ginny in Oshkosh

"Thank you so much, all works well now. What do we owe you and where can I send a check? I will contact you when I need to replace any of my equipment, or need new supplies. Again, thank you."

Lynne in San Diego

"Just thought I would let you know that things are going well with my finger(Matristem) and thanks so much for your assistance. I'm constantly utilizing your site for orders and info. As a matter of fact I just submitted another order that I'm really hoping will arrive Friday. I've given your site info to many interested friends already and will continue to do so. "

Seattle in Topeka

"Hello GoSouthernMD,I thought I should let you know that the chair arrived as you said it would when we last talked - just 15 minutes late (not life altering). I have yet to test the chair fully - such as charging it - but the footrests won't be an issue - because of the way this chair is constructed. Thanks GoSouthernMD for handling this and taking care of the Grinch (me)!! - Did I spell the Grinch correctly? It doesn't look correct - and I have no children near by to ask! : )"

John in W.Palm Beach

"GoSouthernMD.com,I apologize for not picking up the liners. I've been sick in bed for the past 10 days. Finally turned the corner today. Thank you for shipping, yet again. You surprise me, every time with your customer service."

Blake in Tempe

"The transport wheelchairs we have been using in DC have been fantastic! We have many people stop us and inquire where we got them. You could advertise here in DC and do many short term rentals - especially for all of the families bringing elderly members out to see the memorials. We have passed on your website to others.You are incredible and thanks!"

Harriett in DC

"Thank you for your rapid response to this event. Your professionalism and concern for "making it right," is acknowledged and I will have not hesitancy to use your company for other orders nor will I not be afraid to recommend your company to friends, relatives, etc. You did provide as your ad said you would."

Norman in Baltimore

"Unit received today. plugged in and seems to be working o.k. Tracking # was correct.Thanks for the service."

Perry in Alaska

"Wonderful that's fine just so I know. Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast."

Orell in Canada

"Thank you so much for your follow up and taking care of everything. Very refreshing to see a company go above and beyond. I really appreciate it and hope you have a great rest of the day."

Gerilyn in Chicago

"Thank you. Like they say "a picture is worth a thousand words". I probably won't be able to get the masks in the mail until Monday. We appreciate your prompt attention to this. "

Marian in Houston

"Success!!! An oxygen concentrator arrived yesterday!I appreciate your hard work on this."

Karen in Steilacoom

"Scooter finally arrived yesterday afternoon of the 27th. I think I am going to really enjoy it. In the next couple of weeks I may be getting you a couple of buyer's from some guys living here at this complex and a guy who calls BINGO for all the OLD LADIES who live here.Thank's for your help these last few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I don"t Think these guys are just PUFFING about buying GT 3. I guess time will on that point. TAKE CARE"

Russ in Milwaukee

"Thank you, we received our order. We are pleased with your service & products. We look forward to doing business with you again when the need arises."

Tamira in Cypress

"We received the nasal mask (Respironics ComfortGet)in the mail yesterday. What an improvement in comfort and quietness! Thank you so much. I mailed both of the previous masks back to you in one box on Tuesday. I was told you should receive it Friday (today) or Monday. Thanks again."

Marian in New York

"Thanks so much for your prompt attention to this. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and your company. I wish the ramp supplier was as prompt and courteous as you have been. KUDOS. "

Marge in New York

"Thank you for all your efforts. My XPO2 came this afternoon. You got it here right before my trip. "

Bruce in NH

"Hello, last Friday PM, I received MY PACKAGE from you folks....thanks for the follow up. It arrived in excellent condition. I just wanted to say ONCE AGAIN "THANK ALL OF YOU" that got this package to me. I will continue to be your first line customer band spread the word to others. The XPO2 is great and it has changed my life. AGAIN-THANK YOU FROM MY HEART!!!"

CS in Mississippi

"Hi, thank you i just receive the adominal binder today looks good i hope it will help me to heald(heal)faster from my surgery!"

Enia in Miami

"I just wanted to send a thank you email - thanks for taking care of the issues in a timely manner and for supplying a good product and a good price.We are VERY happy with the Respironics oxygen concentrator and highly recommend it (everyone from staff to patients comments on how quiet it is and how portable it is). If I can ever be recommendation for you I'd be happy to (FWIW, this is a GREAT product for out-patient sleep disorder centers)."

Bill in Philly

"Received this morning-- thanks for your excellent fast service!!!-Alan"

Alan in Atlanta

"Yes and thanks for the follow up on the lift chair. I will use your company many more times.Macy Department Store"

Ann in Cincy

"GoSouthernMD.com,Thanks for all your hard work in getting us the 3 and 1 commode for my grandma. You got it to us way before the expected date and because of that we were able to bring her home. We will use you again many more times and we wish to thank you for your incredible service."

Pat in Houston

"Thanks GoSouthernMD for your excellent service and our guests have been very happy with your rentals and your price. We love using you guys.Marriott Buttes"

Janet in Tempe

"Thank you for your help. My Dad is sitting comfortably in the delivered chair. Happy Thanksgiving. Wendy"

Wendy in FLA

"I really appreciate that. If you could just charge us for the delivery/labor plus 2 days rental that would be great. I realize that a lot of the cost is the delivery and I certainly don't want you to lose money on this. Thanks for working with us and have a great Thanksgiving! "

Mike in Sarasota

"CPAP mask is working great and thanks for sending it next day air. Now I can finally sleep. You are a life saver."

Anthony in Atlanta

"1st heard about your company through a Google search. Use your company in Dec 2009. Great Service and I look forward to the great service this year Dec 2010."

Yvette in MD

"Thank you for your help. I received my order(CPAP) yesterday and am very happy with the product. I hope your days get easier with time and wish you a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

Denny in OK

"thanks for letting me know you got the scooter. I was very pleased with the scooter and the service."

Mike in Chicago

"I received my order yesterday. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Meredith Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®"

M in Los Angeles

"I want to thank you so much for taking care of this…..It certainly will make a difference for our trip. I understand that you cannot control the DC adapter going bad on my Invacare XPO2 Portable Concentrator but you rushed it out and backed your warranty. Incredible service."

Cena in Phoenix

"Hello GoSouthernMD.com, Thank You for the info sent by Elina. Moms (Pride Stylus) wheelchair arrived yesterday 2-16-11 and she is very happy with the chair! Thank You for making it affordable for me. It is amazing how much local Medical Supply stores upcharge for medical supplies. "

Dennis in Virginia

"Just wanted to let you know it got safely delivered(Respironics EverGo Portable Concentrator) yesterday! Thanks for everything!"

Evelyn in Cali

"Happy Customer Thank You. Just wanted to thank you for my 2 recent orders which I received very promptly and in perfect order. Order Numbers 2008287 & 2008298 (EverGo Welcome kit w/Everflo Q). Excellent service GoSouthernMD.com!"

James in Texas

"Thank you very much.We tried to do this locally in Richmond VA but whenever we googled wheelchair rental nothing local came up.I guess that’s the problem with having a nice website. Sometimes you get business that you would rather not have.I am in sales as well and I know that while they say “there is no such thing as bad business” we all know that that’s not always true .Once again we thank you for your prompt response and dedication to customer service."

Rusty in VA

"Airsep Warranty issue: Got it! Apparently UPS lied when they Said they couldn't find anyone to accept yesterday's delivery. They never bothered. I made a zillion calls Today to the Chicago supervisors, and Caught the driver. He left the package Outside my door, without ringing the bell. He has some bug in his ear re: Delivering to me. I personally prefer FedEx or UPS Express in this area. They seem more reliable than Ground Service. Anyway, the equipment is here, it is in use as I write, it is doing It's thing, no alarms are sounding, and I want to thank you so much for Facilitating this matter so efficiently and so reliably for me. The service GoSouthernMD.com has provided for me is pretty impressive."

Ms. Brown in Chicago

"Rob (5-9-11). My Scooter(GT-3 Fast Mobility Scooter) arrived yesterday. The tracking information was as good as UPS if not better. The driver was great and the scooter arrived without a scratch. It came just like the movie you made. Riding the bike through the rest of the day showed it is very well made with all of the features you described and more.Inside the supermarket, I got all kinds of smiles and comments on how beautiful it is. Everyone looks and everyone smiles, especially me. Thanks for doing a great job, and if anyone is a little afraid to buy one, have the ask me or show them this letter. It's a BEAUTY! "

Bob M. in Boston

"Thanks for the info GoSouthernMD.com. So far the unit has worked out well - I'm very relieved to be sending my doctor and the Cleveland Clinic my INR every few days rather than struggling to find a clinic somewhere. Well worth the cost in my opinion. We're in Canada where our cell coverage is not the greatest, but keep trying if you're attempting to reach us. Regards to all, and a big thank you! "

Cat in Orlando

"Well Rob, I could go on and on but I just wanted to thank you again for all that you did to make this happen. I have never seen him so happy. He ripped into that crate like a kid on Christmas morning. It should be fully charged just about now so I am sure he will want to try it out. I have your regular website's address so if I need anything like replacement batteries etc, I will let you know. I also bought him a trailer to put on the back of the car with a ramp so he can take it to lowes. I will go now and leave positive feedback on ebay. God Bless! Diana"

Diana in New York

"Rob, I just spoke with your shipper and the scooter ships out Wednesday(7-6-11). I want to thank you for your time spent on this and I am looking forward to buying from you again. I am the Governor of the local Moose lodge here in ****** and a large majority of our members are retirees with mobility issues and I believe the GT3 will be a huge hit with some of our members. I have a meeting tonight with our board of officers and will discuss the possible purchase of at least one more of the GT3 scooters for a potential raffle. If we decide that this is an option for us Ill e-mail you. Once again, thank you for your time and I hope I was not a bother to you."

Tim in Massuchusetts

"7-21-11. I have had a miserable time the last few weeks looking to either rent or purchase a mobility scooter for my son to use at sleep away camp. Yishai has CP and the 3 wheel basic scooter he had used the past couple of years had been unstable and tipped over a few times. I sent an inquiry to your website and received a prompt reply from Rob. When I spoke with him he was extraordinarily helpful in thinking through the available options. He was clearly concerned to offer the best advice for my son's specific circumstances - and the solution he suggested - purchasing the Victory 10 4 wheel model at your discount price is I think best for us. He was energetic in trying to expedite shipping so that it will arrive at Camp for Yishai on Tuesday. Rob is a credit to your staff - quick thinking, problem solving and kind in manner. I hope he is appreciated by your Company. My best wishes - and my thanks again. Samuel "

Samuel in Gloucester

"7-15-11 Thanks Rob....think I've got everything I need for Mom Jones now :-) And thanks again for the great service you folks provided -- it was truly appreciated :-)"

Caroline in Chicago

"I am very satisfied with the back pack but do have one question. Is it better use the XPO2 in the backpack with or without the XPO2 metal case? With the case it is better protected but I wonder if it is better for cooling not to use the case? Thanks for any info. Again the design of the backpack is great.---Ted"

Ted in NM

"Thank you everyone for resolving this situation. I have received phone calls from Elina and Eric Jr. I know this was an isolated incident and feel much better about moving forward with GoSouthern Medical both on this project and future ones."

Mike in Chicago

"I received my order #2009062 around 11:45 am 06-13-2011. Everything was delivered in perfect condition. The Model 383400 Kangaroo Joey pump is working properly. Thanks to both of you for answering my questions in a timely manner. The only issues resulted from the suppliers refusal to drop ship the item. Have a good day."

Roy in NJ

"Received rest of order today. Thanks you and apologize that I bothered you so much."

Shirley in Plano

"Rob, I recently rented an Oxy Concentrator which you delivered to me at a Utah motel. Everything went extremely well and I really appreciate all the effort you went to make this happen. I assume you received the returned Concentrator which I sent from Las Vegas on the date required. Thanks Again "

Joe in NC

"Thanks for everything. It arrived on Friday. I'll be ordering another device from you soon!!!"

Tom in Boulder

"Scooter arrived. Thank you. I look forward to working with you all in the future. Amy"

Amy with Commtravel

"Thank you so much - we had no problems with product and appreciate the timely drop off and pick-up. We checked out before I accessed this e-mail. I left the patient lift with instructions for the hotel front desk staff. Please let me know if there was any further information you need. We plan to contact your company again in the future, when traveling to other cities. Very truly yours. "

Rose in Chicago

"Completely understandable. Again thanks for the exceptional service. We plan to order in the next day or so. Even without the discount, you guys beat out everyone else!"

Kelly in Toronto

"You guys are the best!! "

Joan in Utah

"I received the package on Wed and it's on the way to China now. Thanks for the help. You are the best"

David in New York

"oh my gosh UPS just showed up with the incontinence products for Terry. Thank you so much. This will be a lot easier than going to CVS!Thanks again and you are awesome."

Alison in Alabama

"Got the package, thanks a lot GoSouthernMD."

Todd in Tucson

"I should have waited a few hours before I got too excited.....it was delivered a few minutes ago.....Thank you thank you thank you!"

Ken in Milwaukee

" Just wanted you to know that I received my EverFlo Q concentrator on Thursday and all the tubing on Friday, all as promised.I am delighted with the selection I made, with your help, and can't believe how quiet the EverFlo Q is.Thank you so much for all your help, the great video on your website, and the speedy delivery. Now I don't have to pay for a rental, and I'm saving a bunch!"

Patti in Denver

"Thanks so much for tracking and follow-up. Item was received."

Nova in LA

"Thanks for responding so quickly. If I had waited to check my bank online after the bank opened I would have seen that it posted. Sorry for the email. Your company has been terrific with handling everything with this issue, quickly and professionally. Thank you so much for all your efforts."

Marie in Orlando

"Thank you, Mr Remitz and staff. The order was received this morning, and appears to be all there. We appreciate your follow-up."

Elaine in Georgetown

"Thank you for taking care of this problem. I do appreciate your efforts. "

Marie in Utah

"Thank you so much for your support in clarifying this and the refund.I really appreciate the response and your solution oriented help. I received the refund note as well."

Barb in Myrtle Beach

"I did get confirmation that my doctor does have the package. Thanks so much for all of your help!!"

Danielle in Orlando

"I received the Auto A-Flex today--right on time, thanks!"

Dave in NYC

"I received my gt3 scooter last week. I will be the first to say that "this is the best scooter in the world!"I figure that you will figure out who I am Robert Remitz. Thank you for your assistance in ordering the scooter. "

SuperJo from Youtube

"I received my scooter yesterday. I waited until today to ride(I wanted the batteries to charge fully), and let me tell you what a difference there is between this scooter and my old shoprider scooter. No comparison, at all. The GT3 is all that I thought it would be and more!!!!I mounted a set of speakers in the glovebox and that was all that was needed to complete the scooter.Thanks again for offering a quality scooter at a very competitive price."

Tim in Iowa

"Rob, I just spoke with Ewheels and the scooter ships out Wednesday. I want to thank you for your time spent on this and I am looking forward to buying from you again. I am the Governor of the local Moose lodge here in Plymouth and a large majority of our members are retirees with mobility issues and I believe the GT3 will be a huge hit with some of our members. I have a meeting tonight with our board of officers and will discuss the possible purchase of at least one more of the GT3 scooters for a potential raffle. If we decide that this is an option for us Ill e-mail you. "

Jim in PA

"I wanted to send you a note of appreciation for a member of your staff - Rob Remitz.I have had a miserable time the last few weeks looking to either rent or purchase a mobility scooter for my son to use at sleep away camp. Yishai has CP and the 3 wheel basic scooter he had used the past couple of years had been unstable and tipped over a few times.I sent an inquiry to your website and received a prompt reply from Rob. When I spoke with him he was extraordinarily helpful in thinking through the available options. He was clearly concerned to offer the best advice for my son's specific circumstances - and the solution he suggested - purchasing the Victory 10 4 wheel model at your discount price is I think best for us.He was energetic in trying to expedite shipping so that it will arrive at Camp for Yishai on Tuesday.Rob is a credit to your staff - quick thinking, problem solving and kind in manner. I hope he is appreciated by your Company.My best wishes - and my thanks again"

Sam in Philly

"Thanks Rob....think I've got everything I need for Mom Jones now :-) And thanks again for the great service you folks provided -- it was truly appreciated :-)"

Caroline in GA

"Great, Fast Service. Thanks GoSouthernMD. You are the best."

Jody in Louisiana

"To all at GoSouthernMD: I received the Sequal Eclipse 3 that I ordered from you this past Friday (THANKS for the superfast shipping!). I have used it over the weekend in house and out. I am well pleased that I chose the Eclipse. I have been researching POC's on the internet for about 6 months. As I was doing my research I e-mailed you several times with questions and I always got a very prompt reply which has not always been my experience with other company's. I spent a lot of time watching your videos.Your videos answered and explained a lot to me about POC's. Heck I watched some of your videos on scooters for the fun of it even though I already own one. Oh, man I love that GT3 Electric Bike! Your website is great and easy to navigate and has a wealth of information. Your prices are fair. I just wanted to let you know that because of all of the above I chose GoSouthernMD. Keep up the good work and good luck!"

Bob in Pfafftown NC

"Received the SimplyGo concentrator. It is perfect. Quiet running . Thanks"

Anne in Canada

"Just got the nebulizer in and wanted to thank you.. "

Paul in Wichita

"It was my pleasure working with you throughout these years. I will be in the office next week a few hours out of the day just to help out. Thank You for continued business with MJM. God Bless!"

MJM in Texas

"Got the tracking fast for my concentrator. Thanks all."

Doug in New York

"Thanks GoSouthernMD.com. I just got the wheelchair. It was a pleasure to do business with you."

Einor in Illinois

"Okay, talked with them, they are very impressed with your company and will not ask for a refund. Thanks for all your help."

J McCoy in Kansas

"Thanks for the quick response. I've had my eye on this since last year. My insurance company pays for my concentrator at 90%. I loved the you tube video demonstrating the quiet sound of this oxygen concentrator. I have to wait until closer to the end of 2012 to purchase, to see what is left in my flexible spending account. Would you be able to tell me if the code will last for a while or expires at some point. Thanks so much!"

Suzanne in Utah

"Thanx so much!"

Beth in Cali

"Thank you. Appreciate your voice mail and I have gone ahead and ordered two new/purchase chairs. The client I am working with said they may try to donate them as an alternative. Please pass my thanks along to Jennifer as well. You have both been very helpful. "

Megan in Texas

"Thanks, I got it. I appreciate your attention to my issue and your special response. My best, Dana"

Dana in Manhattan

"My father was recently released from the hospital after a three week stay. He has rectal cancer. The next few months are going to be very hard on everybody.My mom and brother take care of him. He can't walk and has a catheter and messes on himself.After getting all his medicines there is not much left for other items he needs.Needless to say times are tough and money is even tougher to come by. Is there any way possible you can find it in your heart to donate some disposable under-pads and diapers with tapes (not the pull up briefs) and disposable wipes for my dad to help them out during this difficult time.I know you are in business to make money, and I realize I am asking a lot, as we are all struggling right now, but I had to be able to say I gave it a shot.Thank you for at least taking the time to read my letter and consider my request. God Bless You"

Jean in Knoxville

"all is well . . . thanks you you and INN staff. charging batteries and ready to go much obliged, Happy John"

John in New Orleans

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